Nespresso had started work on its coffee supply chain but, 5 years on, stakeholders didn’t want to hear about coffee until more tangible aspects of their system, especially packaging, had been addressed. To address this, we worked with Nespresso to devise an integrated sustainability strategy across their entire operation.

A key outcome of our Sociovation® process for Nespresso was to widen the sustainability commitment from a focus on coffee to encompass the carbon footprint, machine technology and aluminium capsule recycling challenges.This has resulted in the company adopting a range of objectives and commitments, and sharing these with its business partners and stakeholders through a new proprietary platform for Nespresso called Ecolaboration®, to reflect a new way of working collaboratively with a series of partners from end to end in the supply chain. Goodbrand was also responsible for brokering relationships with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and The Rainforest Alliance.

AAA Sustainable Quality Coffee Program - Combining sustainability and quality

Six years ago, the long-term supply of highest quality coffee for Nespresso was under threat, with coffee farming becoming less profitable, plantations declining, and threats emerging from climate change. At the same time, consumers were becoming increasingly demanding about ethical sourcing credentials.In this context, Goodbrand were asked to develop a supply chain model to integrate sustainability into Nespresso’s coffee sourcing strategy.The key output of our Sociovation® process was the co-creation of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, an integrated partnership with Rainforest Alliance to combine quality and sustainability practices and develop an innovative farm assessment and support program. 50% of Nespresso’s coffee is now sourced through the program. In addition, a range of education and investment projects promote best practice and build long-term partnerships with farmers. The price premium for AAA is 35% above NY market and 10-15% above similar quality coffees.